Obtaining Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6: A Guide

Fighter Coins is the premium currency that you will be using in Street Fighter 6. Just like the Fight Money in the previous title, you will be using it for in-game microtransactions. You can spend the Fighter Coins to purchase several items such as characters, cosmetics, stamps, emotes, and much more. They are completely different from the Drive Tickets which are obtained from regular matches. So, what can you do to earn the Fighter Coins in SF6? Here’s everything you should know about it.

How to Earn Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6

To get Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6, you must purchase them using real money. Simply head over to the Goods Shop and navigate to the bottom. Select the amount of Fighter Coins you want to purchase from the list. It will then redirect you to the PS Store or Steam Store (on your respective platform). Next, simply pay the required and obtain the Fighter Coins.

Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6


Sadly, for those who are playing this game in Japan, the Fighter Coins will not last forever. For them, this premium currency will expire within 180 days of purchase. However, purchasing Fighter Coins is not mandatory. It is completely an optional currency meant only for unlocking luxurious items like cosmetics and gear.

If you are looking to unlock the Classic Outfits for the characters, then you can save yourself some grind and spend the Fighter Coins. But if you aren’t interested in spending it, then you can obtain the same outfits by progressing in the World Tour. If you are not an enthusiastic player, then it is okay for you to progress through the World Tour and eventually unlock the outfits. In the process, you will also earn other precious rewards.

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That’s pretty much everything you can do to earn Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6. Especially for SF6 fans, we have made a . So make sure to check it out right here on Gamer Tweak.

Update at 5:44 - 05/08/2023
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