Squaw Valley Ski Resort Reports On Returning Levels Of Water Quality

A recent storm pushed some contaminated waters into four wells supplying drinking water to the Upper Mountain region of the resort bringing with it small levels of E.coli and coliform bacteria’s; a quickly response from Squaw Valley and water quality experts has seen three of the four wells almost returned to normal soon after the contamination was identified.


A recent statement released by Squaw Valley’s Public Relations Director, Liesl Kenney explained the management of the ski resort were pleased their own testing procedures had revealed the contamination in the popular Upper Mountain region long before any visitor could be offered any contaminated water; Kenney also explained the huge level of rainfall seen in the unprecedented event had caused similar problems for many residential and commercial wells across California’s Placer County.


In response to the contamination Squaw Valley had immediately contacted the local authorities and had been working since the discovery of the issue with water experts from Placer County Environmental Health Department. In a bid to speed the restoration of water supplies to the Upper Mountain region of the slopes, including the popular Gold Coast and High Camp regions Squaw Valley has also employed independent water experts to make sure quality levels are returned to normal as soon as possible.


To reassure visitors to the Squaw Valley Ski Resort all restaurants in the Upper Mountain area will remain closed until the water issue is completely resolved, and visitors to the resort will be offered complimentary bottled water as the slopes will remain open across the mountain. The latest updates to be released by Squaw Valley and Placer County Environmental Health Department states three of the four well affected by contaminants are now free from E.Coli and tests show the level of coliform is reduced in those wells.

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