Securus Uses ConnectUs To Save Millions

Securus Technologies has invested over $600 million in technologies, patents, and other related items which pertain to correctional facility communication and filing innovations. This organization has been around thirty years, and is based out of Texas. It has expanded to the point where it regularly interacts with 1.2 million inmates across over 2,000 correctional facilities. Each of those inmates, on average, produces some 13.8 complaint or grievance forms on a monthly basis. That’s 16,560,000 forms every month. If there are only three minutes spent by correctional facility personnel on each form, that comes to 828,000 hours a month. Yearly, that’s 9,936,000 hours. At $15 an hour, that’s $149,040,000 a year that American correctional facilities just flush down the toilet. And that doesn’t include the loss of paper involved. Some complaint forms may be just one page, some may be more; but at an average of 13.8 forms per inmate per month, and only taking the 1.2 million inmates Securus works with, the amount of paper involved (calculated at 400 pieces per packet, and $3.00 per packet) comes to $124,200. A drop in the bucket compared to the personnel value lost in filing unnecessary paperwork.

If $149,040,000 worth of man hours can be nationally allocated toward more efficient operations, even more can be saved.

Securus Technologies is a relatively small company with between 500 and 1000 employees working there. Still, it’s expanded nationally, and provides solutions in infrastructural engineering that have more than one kind of efficiency behind them. Additionally, this company has a commitment to continually discovering more ways of saving time and money for correctional facilities and public institutions that deal with inmates across the country.

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  • Perry Marshall
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    When correctional facilities can conserve resources, better rehabilitation may be achieved. In the end, society may also benefit from Securus Technologies. That could also be the way that rush my essay would have provided for these ones too.

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