Bridget Scarr: a Family Woman, a Career Woman, and a Great Content Developer

When talking to the best content developers for both mainstream and digital media platforms, the name of Bridget Scarr features prominently. The common denominator in any content developed by the executive producer at Colibri Studios is catchiness, consistency, interactive, and compelling. A majority of those who consume her contents find themselves emotionally attached to it and most importantly, intellectually built. Besides developing content for digital and mainstream media, Bridget Scarr once in a while works on content that ends up being used in virtual reality and interactive exhibitions.



Bridget’s Reputation



Bridget Scarr started producing TV adverts and animations about 15 years ago. Over this period, she has served as an executive producer whose main responsibility has been to bring creative minds together and to get the best out of them. Also as part of her job, Bridget has massive technical know-how that she uses in getting the technical bit of production perfectly done. She is credited for having overseen the creation some of the most cultivating and educative TV entertainment and lifestyle programs and the best TV animations for kids in recent times. Her management and leadership skills have been hailed by many as being top notch, which explains why she has managed to effectively lead a staff population of more than two hundred people- a majority of whom are professionals.




Bridget’s Life in Review



Earlier this year, Bridget Scarr was sharing more about her past career, her motivations in life, and future career goals in an interview conducted by Ideamensch. One thing that came out clearly during the said interview was that Bridget’s main motivation in life is having her ideas grow without any limitations. Her main reason to establish Colibri Studios, for example, was a result of her dissatisfaction in having to nurture other people’s ideas at the expense of her own.


Another aspect of Bridget’s life that could be learned from the Ideamensch interview was that she values her family, her job, and rest. She explained that her morning starts with a breakfast session with her family, and also ensures that she takes her lunch at home again with family. In between breakfast and lunchtime, she is usually at the office busy with work. Much of this time is spent on research and writing creative content for future production. The better part of her afternoon for Bridget is meant for reading and keeping up-to-date with industry news as well as in reading and replying emails. She then wraps up her day taking care of her son and watching inspirational stuff.


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From Professional Journal To Professional Organization, Robert Ivy Shines In The World Of Architecture

Robert A. Ivy, FAIA serves as the Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He has served as the AIA’s CEO since February 1, 2011 when he succeeded Christine McEntee.

The AIA is the professional institute for U.S. architects. Founded in New York City in 1858, the AIA now has its headquarters in Washington, D.C. It includes more than 250 chapters and has nearly 90,000 members. The designation FAIA, or Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, indicates a member of the organization who has made significant contributions in his or her field. Only about 0.04% of AIA members are given the “Fellow” designation.

Ivy was previously the editor-in-chief of Architectural Record magazine. A total of 33 digital and print publications fell under the his editorial jurisdiction during this period, which lasted from 1996 until 2010. The magazine garnered a number of honors in the industry under Ivy’s leadership, including the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. This award is rarely offered to a professional journal such as Architectural Record. Prior to his employment with Architectural Record, Ivy was an editor for the construction division of McGraw Hill.

He was born in Columbus, Mississippi. Ivy currently resides in Washington, D.C.

In recognition of his editorial excellence in business media, Ivy was awarded the G.D. Crain Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. In 2010, Ivy earned the designation of Master Architect. His education began at Sewanee University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree, and then continued at Tulane, where he earned his master’s degree in architecture. Ivy is the only architect to have earned the Master Architect designation from the Alpha Rho Chi fraternity (the national architecture fraternity) thus far in the 21st century.

As the author of the biography Fay Jones: Architect, Ivy wrote what is considered the definitive biography of Jones, the apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright. The book has been praised for Ivy’s extensive research and scholarship on the subject.

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How Did Securus Technologies Make a Jail Safer?

I have been working in the same country jail for twenty-six years, and in that time the most important part of my job is making the facility safe for me, my fellow officers, prison staff, visitors, and the inmates. Some inmates have nothing but time on their hands, and they look for any opportunity to lash out at other inmates or authority figures to make a statement. I will not allow these inmates to put me in a position where I can not come hoe to my family, so each day I take certain precautions.


When it is visitors day, we not only search each guest, we watch the interaction with the inmates and then check the inmates before allowing them to return to their cells. It only takes a small piece of contraband to be used as a weapon or drugs to cause the inmates to lose control and hurt another person in this jail. My team will do various cell inspections with drug-sniffing dogs too, all in an attempt to clean up the jail and make it harder for inmates to get an edge.


No longer do we have to listen in to the inmates on the prison phone system, Securus Technologies installed a modernized call monitoring system that will do the work of my whole team autocratically. The LBS software can scan every second of every call those inmates are making, and alert my team if something of concern is said. Securus Technologies has a thousand employees, and thousands of systems installed in jails all over, and they all work together to make the world a little safer.


The LBS software can alert my team if inmates are talking about drugs, making or hiding weapons, or if a hit is planned on another inmate or one of my guards, allowing my team to take preventative action.


Scott Rocklage: Biomedical Industry Veteran Helping 5AM Venture To Grow

Dr. Scott M. Rocklage is a managing partner at the investment company 5AM Venture Management LLC. He joined the company in 2003 as a venture partner and was promoted to his current position one year later. Dr. Rocklage brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to his role at 5AM Venture Management.

He has an extensive scientific background, years of healthcare management experience and a track record for exemplary strategic leadership. Dr. Rocklage has been involved in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years.

After graduating from UC Berkley with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, Scott Rocklage went on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry. While at MIT, Rocklage did research in the laboratory of Richard R. Schrock, the Nobel Prize winner.

Dr. Rocklage has also published important writing in over 100 peer-reviewed publications. He also has more than 30 U.S. patents where he is listed as either inventor or co-inventor. Plus, Dr. Rocklage has played an important role in getting Food and Drug Administration approval for several drugs. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

Beginning in 1990, Dr. Scott Rocklage has held leadership positions with an impressive array of pharmaceutical companies. He was Nycomed Salutar, Inc. president and CEO and president and board chairman of Nycomed Interventional.

Dr. Rocklage also served as Cubist Pharmaceuticals founding CEO and president and was a director at several companies including Pulmatrix, Inc., EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, MDS Proteomics, Inc., Relypsa, Inc., Vaccines Inc., Protana Inc. and Achaogen, Inc. Dr. Scott Rocklage was also executive chairman of Semprus BioSciences Corporation and Miikana Therapeutics Inc., president and CEO of Amersham Health, Novira Therapeutics, Inc. chairman, board chairman of Rennovia Inc. and Cidara Therapeutics and is on the boards of Kinestral and the Whitehead Institute.

In addition to all the leadership positions Dr. Rocklage has held, he also spent time working in several research and development positions with Catalytica Pharmaceuticals and Salutar.

Currently based in 5AM Ventures’ office in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Scott Rocklage has been very instrumental in helping the company to identify and invest in a number of very successful biomedical companies.

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How The World Health Organization and the Frontera Fund Are Making A Difference

It has often been said that health is a person’s best wealth. Being in good health is an incredibly valuable resource because health problems make it difficult to do many things. Being in poor health can restrict someone’s quality of life, it can make it hard for them to work or to maintain a balanced life.

There are very few organizations that understand the importance of creating the conditions that allow individuals and communities to enjoy good physical and mental health more than the World Health Organization.

Since its founding in 1948 the World Health Organization has willingly taken up the mantle of helping to make people around the world healthier and to live lives that are not plagued by chronic disease. The World Health Organization is part of the United Nations.

The World Health Organization helps to lead all of the United Nations efforts to improve people’s health. According to its founding documents the World Health Organization has one primary lofty goal and that is to advocate for to achieve the “highest possible level of health” that they can.

The World Health Organization works to achieve this goal by coordinating the United Nations’ efforts to promote global public health. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Facebook

It provides leadership, data, monitoring and the assistance of its experts to help nations around the world create the conditions that will lead to their citizens having healthier lives.

If someone gave you three million dollars today what would you do with it? Many people would probably pay off all of their debts, run to the local mall and shop to their heart’s content or purchase big ticket items such as a yacht or designer clothing that they would have never dreamed of buying before.

While many people might dream of coming into what amounts to a small fortune overnight this actually happened to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are journalists were were awarded a settlement by a court in Arizona that amounted to more than $3 million. There were many things that Michael and Jim could have done with their money.

They probably could have taken care of any financial obligations that they had, they could have taken the money and used it to fly to Paris, France for an impromptu vacation. But instead of using the money on themselves Jim and Michael had other plans for the settlement that they had received.

They ultimately decided to use the money to create a non profit organization that is known as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an organization that exists to support the work of other non profit organizations that exist to provide support to vulnerable communities in Arizona.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has donated to organizations that work in the areas of civil rights and human rights. Some of the organizations that have received support from the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund include Puente, Tucson Samaritans, The Young Center, Promise Arizona and the Center for Neighborhood Leadership.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Aloha Construction Gives Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe during Home Remodeling

If you have a dog, you understand how hard it can be to renovate your home when the pet is inside. While renovating the house, you need to be careful with the pest to keep them safe during the entire process. It is evident that it is one of the stressful processes since it is time-consuming. It also brings discomfort since the presence of new faces in the house may trigger some nerves to be frayed. For this reason, the task might seem daunting. Nevertheless, professionals from Aloha Construction provide some guidelines that will help you keep your dog safe when renovating a house.

Keeping an eye on the pet

When remodeling a house, dog owners are encouraged to watch over their pets carefully. According to Aloha Construction, things such as construction tools might harm them, and also the noise produced might spook them causing anxiety. Aloha Construction’s experts claim that dogs are irritated by the presence of foreign people. Make sure you keep the pet in a secure room inside the house, far from the potential construction hazards. Make sure that the dog does not come across strangers during the remolding period. Once the renovating has stopped, Aloha Construction advises that you try to use some temporary partitioning material to prevent the dog from accessing the area under renovation.

Routine is vital for dogs

According to experts from Aloha Construction, dogs are pets of habit, and they tend to follow a certain routine. With the home renovating process, all this might be wiped away, leaving the pet anxious and stressed. Just try to adhere to the routine that your pet is used to, and don’t ignore anything. Make sure you check to find out if the dog is anxious or stressed.

Exercise together

With the noise and discomfort experienced during the renovation process, the only way to have fun with your pet is to exercise together. Take an off from your home duties and share some fun time with your dog. Healthy pets are happy all the time. Some of the hazards that can affect your dog when renovating a house include wet paint, mold, power tools and toxic fumes. Dust might also choke or affect dog’s eyes, and slimy floors can as well pose a danger.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Uses Experience to Help Cancer Patients

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s entire career has been about cancer patients and what he can do to help them. Since he is an oncologist, he has seen a lot of cancer patients and has learned a lot about the things that they are going through. He knows that there are some major problems with the way that cancer treatment works and that most people suffer from poor immune systems as a result of the cancer treatment that they are getting. For all of these reasons, Mikhail Blagosklonny did what he could to make sure that people had the help that they needed when undergoing treatment and it is what made things even better for people.Since Mikhail Blagosklonny started Oncotarget, even more people have learned about the cancer treatment options that they have. One of the most important things for people to realize about Oncotarget is that it is a peer review publication. It is not intended to directly help patients, but it can be used by oncologists who want to provide even more help to all of their patients. In this way, it is making a difference in cancer treatment and is making things better for even more people to try different things.

Doctors who use Oncotarget know that they will be able to make things easier on people who are undergoing treatment. They can learn about the things that can be used in the industry and they know that their field is important to cancer treatment. Doctors also know that they have to make all of the right choices with Oncotarget if they want to be able to help their patients out in a way that will truly give them everything that they need so that they can enjoy different things that they can do with their own lives.Patients can even benefit from the things that doctors who are not oncologists can contribute to Oncotarget. Mikhail Blagosklonny made the publication so that more than just oncologists would be able to contribute. It made things easier for people to realize what was going on and made it easier for doctors to have a positive influence on the people who were trying to fix their patients.

They wanted to be able to show more people what they could do with the issues that they had and with the experiences that they had on their own in different areas of the cancer treatment section.Despite all of the issues that come along with cancer, some doctors do what they can to help treat these issues. Recently, Mikhail Blagosklonny found out about anti-aging treatments. He realized that he could use these for people who had immune system issues as a result of cancer. This is what would help them to be healthier and would allow them to feel better while getting treatment. He would not have found out about this type of treatment if it weren’t for the fact that he used Oncotarget to show people what they could get out of these types of situations.


Goettl is expanding yet again with the purchase of Walton’s Heating and Air in Southern California

Another Southern California based HVAC company is joining forces with Goettl Air to become another branch of the award winning business, according to BizJournal where the article was originally released. Walton’s Heating and Air is a family owned business with similar values and family background. The current owner Todd Longbrake took the family business as far as it could go, but it was still struggling.

A couple years ago Chief Executive Officer of Goettl Kenneth Goodrich approached Walton’s Heating and Air to purchase the company because he saw the potential in it. Longbrake was hesitant, but after hearing a lot of good comments from others in the HVAC field, he decided to budge. Since then the business has grown tenfold and continues to bring in more happy customers. Todd Longbrake was even hired on as a sales manager and field supervision. He is happy with his new role in the company and Goodrich has had only positive things to say about Longbrake noting that he instantly merged with the company and is a great leader. Check out Azcentral for more details.

The deal was finalized two years ago but was not announced until now due to a few kinks. There were operational issues and marketing complications that held up the announcement, but now Goettl is proud to say the they have acquired Walton’s Heating and Air and are happy the serve the Southern California area. They already have lots of locations in Nevada, Arizona, and Southern California. They are planning to open more locations in Northern California and Texas. Goodrich said that Goettl is planning on becoming a nationwide brand. With this new acquisition Goettl will gain 200 more employees adding to 306 employees currently on board. With all this potential, success is inevitable. For more details visit Review Buzz.

Goettl is the premier heating and air conditioning company that puts their customers first. They offer heating and cooling, financing, duct sealing, geothermal, plumbing services, maintenance plans, HVAC units, and much more! Rated the best heating and air conditioning business in Arizona, Goettl is an industry leader.

It all started in 1926 when three brothers Adam, Bill, and John Goettl moved from Ohio to Arizona to start a new life during the Great Depression. By 1939 Goettl Air was born and was recognized even internationally for their innovation and technology. At one point they had over a hundred patents on the market. With their Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Goodrich leading the way, Goettl is making leaps and bounds in the HVAC industry.

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InnovaCare Health’s Able Leadership

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is an accomplished healthcare company in North America. It’s known for providing quality and affordable health services throughout North America. InnovaCare Health specializes in physician services as well as Medicare Programs. Since its inception, InnovaCare Health remains focused on developing sustainable healthcare models to advance Puerto Rico’s healthcare industry. In fact, it has integrated technology into its healthcare models to improve the quality of its services. InnovaCare Health currently serves over 200,000 members through its over 7000 care providers. Besides, it partners with Puerto Rican government to accelerate the growth of healthcare industry.

Top Leadership of InnovaCare Health

Dr. Richard Shinto is the CEO as well the President of InnovaCare Health. Previously, Richard worked at Aveta Inc. as the Chief Executive Officer. He worked at Aveta for four years until 2012 when it was sold. He boasts of over two decades of experience in managed care industry. Besides, Richard Shinto has written several articles related to health care and clinical medicine.Richard Shinto has an extensive educational background. He attended the University of California to pursue a degree in BS. He also holds a degree in Medicine from the University of New York as well as an MBA from the University of Redlands.Dr. Richard Shinto has won several awards as a health officer. He won the accolade of A Caring Award from the Western University of the School of Health Sciences for his commitment to advancing healthcare services.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is a competent leader of InnovaCare Health. She is the current Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health. Before rejoining InnovaCare Health in 2015, Penelope served as its Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Clinical Operations. Over time, Penelope has honed his skills in managing government healthcare programs. She has extensive experience in managing healthcare processes and developing healthcare models. Before joining InnovaCare health, Penelope served as the Executive Vice President as well as the COO of Centerlight healthcare.Penelope went to the Binghamton University to pursue a degree in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages. Besides, she holds a master’s degree in Social Work as well as a master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Columbia. Under the stewardship of Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare Health has made significant strides in the healthcare industry.

Nathaniel Ru Makes Changes to The Fast Food Industry

Everyone needs to eat. However, there is a glaring issue in the industry of food. This issue comes with fast food. For one thing, fast food offers a lot of unhealthy meals.

Therefore, people are going to find themselves not in the best of health because of the foods that are offered to them. While the food does have an appealing taste, they do not have the health benefits that some of the healthier foods have. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

This is something that Nathaniel Ru has noticed. Therefore, he has wanted to address this issue for the longest time. This is one of the reasons that he has partnered with friends to start up his business called Sweetgreen.

One thing that Sweetgreen has which makes it healthy and appealing is a lot of variety. One of the issues that people have with eating healthy is that there does not seem to be a lot of variety. Fortunately, Nathaniel Ru shows that there can actually be a lot of diversity in the meals that are created for the customer.

As a matter of fact, besides the salads, there are all types of foods available for customers to eat. They have been prepared in the healthiest ways. There are also plenty of options for customers to use in order to bring about bold flavors.

One of the best aspects of Sweetgreen is the way it handles its business model. For one thing, the owner of the company, Nathaniel Ru, has shown that he has a great ability to adapt. Therefore, he is able to even bring his weakest performing companies to profits.

He has opened up plenty of locations and has analyzed the performance of each of them. The ones that are performing weakly are given attention.

This is when Nathaniel Ru comes up with a plan to reach out to the community. One example was when he has hosted music events in order to bring customers into the restaurant so that they can enjoy some of the food that the company has to offer.

This is one example on how Nathaniel Ru is able to think outside the box when it comes to his company.