New Brunswick is Growing and Thriving

The 99% are on the verge of an uprise. They are sick and tired of the 1% crapping on them and controlling their lives. They are sick and tired of the 1% stealing from them to make themselves more rich. They are sick and tired of not having the opportunities needed to grow their own bank account. I think that very soon we will see torches and pitchforks raised and mansions being torn apart.

The truth is though, not all rich people are bad. In fact, some of them are morally good and righteous people. Omar Boraie is a wonderful example of a rich man with a big heart. He has used his fortune and real estate company to help a dying city thrive once again.

New Brunswick, New Jersey has been the home of Omar Boarie since the day he was born. He traveled the continent of Europe in his teen years and saw the amazing economic centers on this great continent. He wanted to see New Brunswick achieve the exact same status. Many business friends and associates disagreed that this could happen and they laughed him out of the room. 40 years later however, Omar Boraie has had the last laughed. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar has spent 40years and millions of dollars in three areas of New Brunswick. Omar wanted to grow the families, keep jobs in New Brunswick, and bring back the young middle-class professionals.

Omar Boraie began by making New Brunswick a better place for families to raise their kids. As John said about Jesus, “all his good deeds to take up many books.” Omar has done many things but I will only list one here. The most popular outreach program that Omar started is the “Summer Move Night” series that occurs each and every summer. The summer movies span a seven week period and seven movies are provided free of cost. Check out Press of Atlantic City to see more.

Omar Boraie also helped New Brunswick by keeping jobs in the local area. The heart of New Brunswick were the Johnson and Johnson factories. If they left, then New Brunswick would die off. Omar was able to convince them to stay and increase their employment.

Boraie Development then gave a gift to the city. For free, he gave the city $150 million in real estate. This gift allowed the city to provide office space and homes for a fraction of the cost which brought back young professionals.


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