How Matthew Fleeger Runs Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is the President of Gulf Coast Western, a company that was started in 1970 by his father. He attended Southern Methodist University to pursue a course in Finance and Marketing where he got the skills and knowledge that would, later on, help him conquer the oil and gas industry. After graduation, Matthew Fleeger worked in for different companies that gave him the vast experience needed to be successful in the industry. By the time he was taking over as the CEO of Gulf Western, Fleeger had garnered enough experience for a futuristic take-over.

In 1993, Matthew Fleeger founded his own company, MedSolutions. This was the first time that he was creating something of its own and it was a fruitful venture. The firm was in charge of disposal, treatment, and management of medical wastes. Matthew Fleeger put up structures that will enable MedSolutions to run smoothly. By 2007 the company had gained a foot and Fleeger sold it to Stericycle at a tune of $59 million.

Matthew Fleeger has robust negotiating skills that are essential especially when he has to convince property owners along the Gulf Coast region to enter into a contract as the company seeks to explore oil and gas in areas of geological advantage. Sometimes it is a tough call because some of the property owners may be misguided about the whole acquisition process. However, Matthew Fleeger has been able to strike successful deals where both parties are satisfied. His entrepreneurial skills are on another level and mostly focus on results-oriented models that are beneficial to Gulf Coast Western.

As the CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger has done an impressive job in keeping the family business on its toes. He is a performer whose success can only be attributed to hard work and dedication on his course of action.

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