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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a Fun Company to Work For

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a world leader in the title business as eight out of the top ten retail title and mortgage banking companies in the United States use Nationwide as their primary source of documentation and validation. Founded in 1991 a small, regional title company, they have expanded to a 570 employee industry leader, known for its fast and accurate delivery of the necessary documents all property closings rely on.


Nationwide’s secret to its success is the hiring of the right kind of employee and then properly running that employee through the proper training so that he or she becomes an expert in that phase of the business. Once an employee is onboard, there are 100 advanced educational modules that cover everything that has to do with document processing and other related fields. Some of these modules can take months to complete, but they also have a lot to do with employees advancement to supervisory and management positions.


The delivery of mortgage documents have to have two characteristics, and those are very consistent accuracy and speed of transfer. Nationwide has a rejection rate of less than 1% and a 99.8% compliance. It is no wonder that so many mortgage companies all over the nation use Nationwide. The company reaches all 3,600 plus of all of the county and records jurisdictions in the United States. They have online resources that help the speed of delivery immensely. When all else fails, customers can get on the phone with a well-trained Nationwide employee who can get to the bottom of a matter very quickly and find what is being searched for by the customer.


Nationwide is now the world’s largest lien release and provider of assignments in the world as their sheer volume is an example of what great organization and the most up-to-date technology can do. Customers can find the exact records and have them verified in the shortest time that has ever been available in the documents industry. That makes a big difference when working on several closings at once with a tight schedule.


This puts a lot of pressure on employees at Nationwide, but as John Hillman, Nationwide’s CEO put it recently, we are all working hard, but you have to inject a little fun into the scheme of thing. We do demand high standards, but our way is to enjoy one another and continue to emphasize that we are all on a winning team, and we will all benefit from the results of our efforts.


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