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Jose Hawilla: A Well-Known Brazilian Sports Marketer

The sports marketing industry is one of the most profitable businesses in Brazil today. One man comes into the mind of the Brazilians when talking about sports marketing. His name is Jose Hawilla, and he is the founder of the Traffic Group. Jose Hawilla is known for his businesses which involves the marketing of sports event both locally and internationally. Through his business, these sports events managed to acquire audiences who are willing to pay for the tickets, and through the revenues made from their unique marketing strategy, Jose Hawilla keeps on working hard to circulate the money that he earns and continuing his business for the next big sporting event.



Today, Jose Hawilla is setting his eyes on small broadcasting companies, be it in Brazil or in another country. He wanted to create a broadcasting network that will only broadcast sports events, and according to him, this would make licensing much easier. For Jose Hawilla, becoming a sports marketer is a blessing because it allowed him to earn more money while at the same time, building strong and reliable relationships with his business partners and colleagues. Jose Hawilla is also thankful that the Brazilian Government is helping him whenever a sporting event is being held in the country. For more details visit LinkedIn.





Back in 2014, when the FIFA World Cup is being hosted by Brazil, the Traffic Group is one of the companies that forged partnership with the government to promote the games and the country itself. Jose Hawilla used his company to persuade people from around the world to visit Brazil and experience its culture while at the same time, enjoying the thrill of the sporting event. Jose Hawilla also did the same thing during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. For him, this approach is effective, as Brazil is posting millions of tourist arrivals every time the country hosts multinational sporting events. For Jose Hawilla, this is just the beginning of the growth of his company. He is optimistic that in a few years’ time, the Traffic Group would be more active in broadcasting sporting events and making a brand that will be known worldwide.


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