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How EOS Beat Chapstick

When you need a lip balm, don’t think that Chapstick is your only option. Although this brand has led the way in lip balm for more than 100 years now, the game is changing and many new contenders are on the market. One of particular interest is EOS.

EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth, and in 2009, this brand introduced their lip balms. Walgreens was the first retailer to offer the EOS lip balm, but it was quickly discovered by Elle and Costco fashion editors who couldn’t say enough great things about the product. Soon, EOS made its way to Target stores and Walmart too!

Seven years into the making, and EOS is now a household name and a lip balm brand that many people prefer over Chapstick. People prefer EOS so much that the brand is now leading in sales against the brand. At one time, Chapstick had only one major competitor; Blistex. The two competed for the number one spot for years. Now, both brands rank third and fourth on lip balm sales, falling under EOS and Burt’s Bees, the current number one contender. It is amazing what you can do in just a few years!

EOS lip balm has a wide range of flavors. But, that’s just the start of the fun. The orb shaped container is original, and definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the boring Chapstick tube. The lip balm is made using only all-natural ingredients, and works to soothe and protect the lips while maintaining an affordable price.

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