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Using Securus Technologies to Monitor Gang Activity

I work in a prison where the gang population has exploded in recent years. The problem has gotten so bad that we have had to not only identify the gang affiliation of each inmate, we have to separate them inside the jail according to the gangs they are representing. If we did not do this, the gangs would simply kill each other behind bars, putting prison staff and other inmates right in the line of fire. We have decided to offer the gangs a degree of respect in exchange for order inside this facility.


In order to try and keep the peace, we have to be in a position to keep things like drugs, cellphones, and weapons out of the hands of those inmates. Some gang members are serving lengthy sentences, and hurting or killing another person adds nothing to a life sentence, so they have no deterrent. In this case, we have to be aggressively trying to keep the peace, and we do that a number of ways.


Some days we will do detailed cell searches for anything the inmates could be hiding that should not be in their possession. We have officers who will check the mail to inmates, looking for drugs or information about potential crimes. We utilize the Securus Technologies call monitoring system to be able to listen to these inmates on the phones too. Despite them knowing we are listening, many think they can outsmart the LBS software by talking in riddles or code.


Already this month, thanks to the Securus Technologies monitoring system, we have discovered how inmates are getting drugs by the guards in the visitor center. We have discovered where weapons are being hidden in the yard, and who is ordering other inmates to sell drugs to kick money up to the top of the gang hierarchy.


Securus Commended by Customers for Excellent Services

Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas, is one of the largest civil and criminal justice technology solutions providers. The company is constantly developing new products and services to help solve and prevent crimes in correctional facilities and in the community at large. Securus’ clients, who are mainly correctional facilities, are greatly impressed with the services they are receiving from Securus. Many of them have sent letters and emails to Securus, commending them on the good job they are doing at trying to solve and prevent crimes and making prisons safer. Watch this video on Youtube.


Facility Customer Greatly Impressed With Securus


One of its facility customers had a lot of good remarks about the services it is receiving from Securus. The unnamed client was able to find useful information from a recorded conversation which led to the arrest of one of their staff members who was discovered to have introduced contraband in the facility. Thanks to Securus Technologies’ innovative products and services, the client was also able to monitor calls which brought to light illegal activities that had been taking place in the facility.


Through investigative tools provided by Securus, the facility officials are able to conduct investigations into any issues that arise in the facility.The client also commended Securus on the introduction of their Location Based Services (LBS) software. The LBS software has helped the police recover millions in illegal drugs and money.Without the help of the LBS software, this would have been a very convoluted process.




Securus Technologies’ determination to make jails, prisons and other correctional facilities safer for both inmates and their families has enabled it to gain the public’s trust and it is now the leading jail phone service provider. It has set very high standards for other players in the industry.The company is committed to making the world a better and safer place for all.

Securus Uses ConnectUs To Save Millions

Securus Technologies has invested over $600 million in technologies, patents, and other related items which pertain to correctional facility communication and filing innovations. This organization has been around thirty years, and is based out of Texas. It has expanded to the point where it regularly interacts with 1.2 million inmates across over 2,000 correctional facilities. Each of those inmates, on average, produces some 13.8 complaint or grievance forms on a monthly basis. That’s 16,560,000 forms every month. If there are only three minutes spent by correctional facility personnel on each form, that comes to 828,000 hours a month. Yearly, that’s 9,936,000 hours. At $15 an hour, that’s $149,040,000 a year that American correctional facilities just flush down the toilet. And that doesn’t include the loss of paper involved. Some complaint forms may be just one page, some may be more; but at an average of 13.8 forms per inmate per month, and only taking the 1.2 million inmates Securus works with, the amount of paper involved (calculated at 400 pieces per packet, and $3.00 per packet) comes to $124,200. A drop in the bucket compared to the personnel value lost in filing unnecessary paperwork.

If $149,040,000 worth of man hours can be nationally allocated toward more efficient operations, even more can be saved.

Securus Technologies is a relatively small company with between 500 and 1000 employees working there. Still, it’s expanded nationally, and provides solutions in infrastructural engineering that have more than one kind of efficiency behind them. Additionally, this company has a commitment to continually discovering more ways of saving time and money for correctional facilities and public institutions that deal with inmates across the country.