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InnovaCare Health’s Able Leadership

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is an accomplished healthcare company in North America. It’s known for providing quality and affordable health services throughout North America. InnovaCare Health specializes in physician services as well as Medicare Programs. Since its inception, InnovaCare Health remains focused on developing sustainable healthcare models to advance Puerto Rico’s healthcare industry. In fact, it has integrated technology into its healthcare models to improve the quality of its services. InnovaCare Health currently serves over 200,000 members through its over 7000 care providers. Besides, it partners with Puerto Rican government to accelerate the growth of healthcare industry.

Top Leadership of InnovaCare Health

Dr. Richard Shinto is the CEO as well the President of InnovaCare Health. Previously, Richard worked at Aveta Inc. as the Chief Executive Officer. He worked at Aveta for four years until 2012 when it was sold. He boasts of over two decades of experience in managed care industry. Besides, Richard Shinto has written several articles related to health care and clinical medicine.Richard Shinto has an extensive educational background. He attended the University of California to pursue a degree in BS. He also holds a degree in Medicine from the University of New York as well as an MBA from the University of Redlands.Dr. Richard Shinto has won several awards as a health officer. He won the accolade of A Caring Award from the Western University of the School of Health Sciences for his commitment to advancing healthcare services.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is a competent leader of InnovaCare Health. She is the current Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health. Before rejoining InnovaCare Health in 2015, Penelope served as its Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Clinical Operations. Over time, Penelope has honed his skills in managing government healthcare programs. She has extensive experience in managing healthcare processes and developing healthcare models. Before joining InnovaCare health, Penelope served as the Executive Vice President as well as the COO of Centerlight healthcare.Penelope went to the Binghamton University to pursue a degree in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages. Besides, she holds a master’s degree in Social Work as well as a master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Columbia. Under the stewardship of Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare Health has made significant strides in the healthcare industry.