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How Matthew Fleeger Runs Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is the President of Gulf Coast Western, a company that was started in 1970 by his father. He attended Southern Methodist University to pursue a course in Finance and Marketing where he got the skills and knowledge that would, later on, help him conquer the oil and gas industry. After graduation, Matthew Fleeger worked in for different companies that gave him the vast experience needed to be successful in the industry. By the time he was taking over as the CEO of Gulf Western, Fleeger had garnered enough experience for a futuristic take-over.

In 1993, Matthew Fleeger founded his own company, MedSolutions. This was the first time that he was creating something of its own and it was a fruitful venture. The firm was in charge of disposal, treatment, and management of medical wastes. Matthew Fleeger put up structures that will enable MedSolutions to run smoothly. By 2007 the company had gained a foot and Fleeger sold it to Stericycle at a tune of $59 million.

Matthew Fleeger has robust negotiating skills that are essential especially when he has to convince property owners along the Gulf Coast region to enter into a contract as the company seeks to explore oil and gas in areas of geological advantage. Sometimes it is a tough call because some of the property owners may be misguided about the whole acquisition process. However, Matthew Fleeger has been able to strike successful deals where both parties are satisfied. His entrepreneurial skills are on another level and mostly focus on results-oriented models that are beneficial to Gulf Coast Western.

As the CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger has done an impressive job in keeping the family business on its toes. He is a performer whose success can only be attributed to hard work and dedication on his course of action.

Interview recap with plastic surgeon Sameer Jejurikar

Sameer Jejurikar is a general plastic surgeon based out of Dallas and one of the most sought out procedures that he does is the “Brazilian Butt Lift,” which is common. Other doctors in the field along with patients appreciate him for his caring nature and hard work ethic. He also gives speeches to huge crowds about his portfolio of work in his spare time and is a member of other organizations relating to the medical field. The surgeon was born in Minnesota and attended the University of Michigan to then having studied at a school in The Big Apple. Sameer Jejurikar has also done charitable acts for humanity as he completed surgeries for no charge in Bangladesh for impoverished children with deformities. He knew from a young age that he wanted to work in the medical field as a surgeon because he excelled in science courses throughout school and noticed that he was good with his hands. Jejurikar also enjoyed the subject matter and his hard work paid off as he was admitted to medical school and worked with other plastic surgeons at other hospitals learning the ropes. Sameer Jejurikar’s days are usually spent performing surgeries and meeting up with patients. He enjoys listening to patients about what they want to change about their bodies and gives them the care that they need, along with educating them about what they are doing. The plastic surgeon is looking forward to learning about more procedures in the future and that he is all in for the patient providing excellent service and care. He realizes though that money isn’t everything and that being happy is. Sameer Jejurikar states that he has learned from his mistakes of failed investments and likes to work on his business. Lastly, the doctor recommends people to read the novel “The Last Lecture” and someone he respects greatly is a fellow doctor named Brian May.

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Boraie Development Contributions to New Brunswick Property Market

One of the most iconic projects in New Brunswick for the last four years is the famous ‘The Aspire.’ According to urban planners, the building is part of the best New Brunswick property market and more importantly the ‘sophisticated’ market. Since 2010, there has been an increase in demand for modern properties in this locality and only the Boraie Development was able to tap on this market by designing and developing this property. In addition, Boraie Development provides a solution such as the lack of modern facilities and most importantly convenience. The locality of this property shows how much research the development company had before conceptualizing the property.

In addition to convenience and modern facilities, the property is the best property in this locality in terms of customization. In most prominent projects, there is always lack of customization in terms of renting spaces. ‘The Aspire’ has some of the best spaces in the market industry, and it accommodates all types of people. Boraie Development also gave the property the best look in terms of interior décor any client who wants to rent a space in this futuristic building do not have to invest more money in interior décor. In case one wants to personalize space more, Boraie Development accommodated that in the initial design and development.

In addition to being one of the best companies in the commercial world, Boraie Development is also keen on of lives in the USA. One of their biggest projects in the last one decade is with a basketball legend. According to the management of this company, working with Shaquille O’Neal was an honor and rehabilitating the theater was one of the projects that had a direct impact on people lives. Boraie Development believes that partnerships are the future of corporate and philanthropy worlds.

Robert Deignan Leads ATS Digital Services LLC Into Being AppEsteem Certified

Robert Deignan is a Microsoft cybersecurity veteran with over 20 years of expertise in the field. He graduated from Purdue University with a BS in organizational leadership in 1995. Three years after, his passion for business drove him into co-founding his first venture Fanlink Inc before moving up the ladder to become the executive vice president of iS3 a software company that provided personalized technical services, digital security, and computer optimization.

Robert passionately worked combining his technical knowledge with excellent customer service and eventually started ATS Digital Services, LLC a one-stop-shop for all technical needs like installation, home networks, data storage and any mobile device complications. He says that the first thing he does when he gets to work is analyzing numbers and assessing work done the day before to ensure he knocks out unfinished tasks before embarking on the day’s activities. The software expert has created a culture within his employees of prioritizing customer service, and unlike all other digital service providers, they give their clients the best service.

Under his administration, ATS Digital Services, LLC has been recognized as the premium service providers by AppEsteem, a body that certifies apps and other interconnected services. AppEsteem president, Dennis Batcheldor commended ATS saying many customers had complained about poor services from call centers and now with ATS that is working within their standards they were in a position to shut down the bad ones. AppEsteem’s requirements are established from consumer groupings, government regulators, law enforcement, security companies and software industries hence ATS being rightfully the best.

Robert Deignan has put together a team of qualified personnel capable of combining both their technical know-how with extraordinary customer service and are a phone call away once you allow ATS to access your entire system. For services that need to be handled physically like mounting the TV and installing a sound system, ATS sends specialists to get the job done correctly. Besides these two passions, Mr. Deignan is passionate about boats and fishing. He attends all the board builder’s tournaments, and he recently won the 79th silver sailfish derby that is held annually.