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Mark Hutchinson and the formation of Wild Ark

Mark Hutchinson is a person who loves the wild, he has spent his entire lifetime in the bush. He grew up in Australia and is very passionate about the wilderness. He has a business that focusses on training on the wild and travel. Mark educates and inspires people through his ventures. He has been in this business for more than 10 years. He studied Economics at the University of Sydney and also has an MBA from the INSEAD Business School. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Conversation Biology. He also has a young family which he explores the wilderness with when he is not at work or traveling.


UNTAMED, an adventure company that Mark formed became a very successful ecotourism and training company called AVANA. In 2015 he left the corporate world and founded Wild Ark in 2016, a business that was brought about by his passion, his wife and experiences with a couple of friends who are involved in the wildlife sector. Anton Lategan, a very good friend of Mark Hutchinson, played a big part in the birth of Wild Ark. Learn more:


It is a business that is focused on the preservation of the ecosystem. Wild Ark has already gotten its first conservation in South Africa. It is in the Kruger region and it is working to build a safe place for the protection of different wild species. It is encouraging protection of biodiversity in nature. Wild Ark is impacting the local community positively and even spreading its wings to others who visit the conservation. The main mission of this company is to purchase and protect biodiversity globally. Afterward, they will build a sustainable business that conserves the ecosystems.


Mark Hutchinson has diverse experience in eco-tourism and bush associated matters but he does not quite know the language. He went back to school for a Master’s degree in Conservation to become more useful and knowledgeable in the Eco language. Mark has a true passion for the conservation of the ecosystem. He has even gone an extra mile in raising his family partially in the wild and they all love it. Learn more: