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Financial Advice to take form Southridge Capital

Founded in 2005, Southridge Capital is still the leading company when it comes to offering financial advisory and direct investment services to the people of the United States. The firm flaunts a highly qualified team of executives that has showcased a vast understanding of the various financial and investment relations. Among its leaders include Stephen M. Hicks, who has been in the field for over thirty years. As the head of the firm, the renowned financial guru has not only striven to guide his team on the best ways they can handle their clients, but he has also taken the initiative of correcting them whenever they go astray.


Southridge Capital has maintained its position as a leading hedge fund management firm in the country, thanks to the strong strategic portfolio adopted by its managers. Additionally, customer services at the firm are top notch, and they have seen the firm gain the trust of its customers, who have always been loyal to them. The high success of the firm is an encouragement to its leaders, who have striven to give a word of advice to other interested parties on investment.


The firm strives to invest in new opportunities and bring innovation in the industry to fuel growth both in their firm as well as the country’s economy. Through the reinforcement that the workers at Southridge Capital receive form their seniors; they have also entirely dedicated their careers towards pursuing the goals and objectives of the firm with the target of bringing a revolution in the business world. Due to the unity showed by the firm’s team, a vast number of people have amended their strategies, and as a result, they strive to seek their counsel to bring growth to their firms.


On the other hand, the growth evident at Southridge has been associated with the ability of its workers and the entire team to overcome challenges and develop unique tactics to handle them. The team has always learned from their mistakes, and as a result, they have continued to overcome every challenge that comes up, and this has made them stronger every day. You can follow their Facebook and Twitter page.


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Robert Deignan Leads ATS Digital Services LLC Into Being AppEsteem Certified

Robert Deignan is a Microsoft cybersecurity veteran with over 20 years of expertise in the field. He graduated from Purdue University with a BS in organizational leadership in 1995. Three years after, his passion for business drove him into co-founding his first venture Fanlink Inc before moving up the ladder to become the executive vice president of iS3 a software company that provided personalized technical services, digital security, and computer optimization.

Robert passionately worked combining his technical knowledge with excellent customer service and eventually started ATS Digital Services, LLC a one-stop-shop for all technical needs like installation, home networks, data storage and any mobile device complications. He says that the first thing he does when he gets to work is analyzing numbers and assessing work done the day before to ensure he knocks out unfinished tasks before embarking on the day’s activities. The software expert has created a culture within his employees of prioritizing customer service, and unlike all other digital service providers, they give their clients the best service.

Under his administration, ATS Digital Services, LLC has been recognized as the premium service providers by AppEsteem, a body that certifies apps and other interconnected services. AppEsteem president, Dennis Batcheldor commended ATS saying many customers had complained about poor services from call centers and now with ATS that is working within their standards they were in a position to shut down the bad ones. AppEsteem’s requirements are established from consumer groupings, government regulators, law enforcement, security companies and software industries hence ATS being rightfully the best.

Robert Deignan has put together a team of qualified personnel capable of combining both their technical know-how with extraordinary customer service and are a phone call away once you allow ATS to access your entire system. For services that need to be handled physically like mounting the TV and installing a sound system, ATS sends specialists to get the job done correctly. Besides these two passions, Mr. Deignan is passionate about boats and fishing. He attends all the board builder’s tournaments, and he recently won the 79th silver sailfish derby that is held annually.

Why Aloha Constructions Won the BBB Torch Awards last year.

Aloha Construction became the recipient of the BBB Torch Awards last year. The award brought great glory to the company. This award came in light of the excellent work displayed by the company. The company has portrayed excellent relations with its clients and its surrounding community. There is also an excellent craft between the members of staff.

The BBB awards are dedicated to honouring firms that do a great job in providing quality services to their clients. It also acknowledges the transparency of firms. The award’s recipients are always decided on by a group of judges. Last year, 15 of these judges rooted for Aloha Constructions after considering the firm’s philanthropic work within its community. This is among the many reasons why the firm got the BBB Torch awards.

One of the most significant attributes of this firm is prioritizing its clients. The company understands that its existence and development entirely depend on its clients. The company puts a lot of effort in ensuring its customers’ satisfaction. The awarding board recognized their efforts. Last year, this firm completed a roofing project in Illinois. Since its establishment, the company has provided nothing but high-quality service and products to the Illinois residents. The completion of the roofing project was remarkable.

All the clients of Aloha Constructions annually receive free roofing inspection and maintenance services. These services enable the clients to uncover various roof related problems. Such timely inspections allow for clients to rely on insurance for maintenance bills. Last year, Aloha partnered with Synchrony Financial. The partnership was to enable the clients to easily make payments for the offered roofing services. The company also grant its clients a ten- year warranty. Repairs within this period are not charged by the firm.

Another trait that impressed the BBB panel was the way Aloha Constructions minds its employees’ interests. The company organizes team vacations for its employees to boost their morale. The firm provides a one-week long holiday for its employees annually. The programme is not just for the employees but also for their families.

The community is also a significant sector for Aloha Construction company. The company has granted many youths in Illinois educational as well as athletic scholarships. Last year it sponsored the Lake Zurich High School’s football team among other teams in the region.