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Communication And Connectivity Are Class Dojo’s Specialty

Communication has always been a critical factor in a student’s learning. Effective communication is needed from all parties as well, students, parents, and teachers. The healthier the communication, the more everyone can stay connected and involved in the education process. Teachers are able to engage their students better when there is good communication and parents are involved with what they are doing.

Class Dojo is an innovative app that is changing the way students learn in the classroom. Instead of focusing on teaching children new things each day, Class Dojo helps students communicate better each day. Parents that take an active involvement with their child’s learning are proven to have better results in their schoolwork and are much less likely to fall behind. By being connected to the app, parents can keep an eye on their children while they are in school and see their overall progress. They can also contact their child’s teacher directly through the app, making communication much easier for parents and teachers when it comes to discussing a student’s schoolwork.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don decided to focus on communication because they saw that there was a major need for it in most classrooms, especially for young students. They released their platform in 2011 for free to all teachers and students and it is still free today. Ample amounts of funding and donations have been able to keep the program going strong and even growing steadily as well.

Thousands of classrooms all over the United States have incorporated the Class Dojo system, but now classrooms all over the world are getting to use the technology as well. This level of communication and connection for students is creating a better schooling community that kids can not only progress in but enjoy as well. All that is required to take part in Class Dojo is a smart device and an internet connection. No personal information is required so it is completely safe for users, especially children.