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Luke Lazarus: Expert Consultant and Relatable Business Storyteller published an interview with startup consultant, Luke Lazarus. Lazarus is based in Melbourne, Australia and brings his great knowledge of business insight and partnerships around the area.

Luke Lazarus graduated from Melbourne Business School with his executive MBA by 24 years old. By the time Lazarus was 33 years old, he had already started and sold four successful firms. The business executive spends his efforts helping to get businesses started and or back on track.

Lazarus explains in the interview that he likes to make the most of his time with the businesses he is hired to help. He mentions that even if it is only a brief business opportunity, he focuses hard on what big moves he needs to make in that short amount of time. He believes keeping organized and setting a clear plan helps him to stay as productive as possible. He attributes his successful productivity to writing everything down.

Clients that work with Lazarus can attest to his clear outlining and storytelling when it comes to business planning. He makes everything clear and relatable so that everyone of his clients can follow along. Read more: Luke Lazarus –  and Luke Lazarus Profile |

In the interview, Lazarus mentions how he starts every day very early before the sun even comes up. He then tries to meditate for a few minutes to help curb stress and clear his mind. He is a self-proclaimed multi-tasker that will often spend everyday at the gym on top of everything he has to do like checking emails and making a mental to-do list.

He brings new ideas to life by finding a need that needs to be filled in the business marketplace and then take a unique spin on it while evoking emotion to relate with consumers. Consumers want a business to share their personal values and they want it to be relatable to them. He is very confident in his ability to meet any unique challenges that are thrown his way due to his experience and time as an expert consultant.

Luke Lazarus believes that creating a strong identity and surrounding himself with the right people has really helped to grow his business. Networking is a huge part of the consulting business and he attributes much of his success to that.

He uses many different software and web services to help him stay productive. Lazarus says that Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar are a few things that he recommends to his new clients. He says that this helps with good communication in the organization.

Throughout the interview he repeats how important it is for a business to tell a story and a relatable one that connects with people. He believes inspiration is a positive and successful business tool and always begins his projects with a sense of purpose.

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Gulf Coast Western Oil and Gas Company

The oil industry is undergoing numerous changes. Not only is new technology making a positive impact on the sector, but the price of oil has drastically increased in recent months. Gulf Coast Western is a company that is thriving in the current economic environment. Over the past few years, the company has improved profits in various ways. Not only are sales higher, but the company’s annual expenses have decreased.


Technology is a critical aspect of the oil industry. Over the past decade, the cost to drill for oil has decreased. As a result, companies with the best drilling technology are at a massive advantage against the competition.

Gulf Coast Western is making numerous investments in new technology. The company spends millions of dollars each year on developing and researching new technology. In the coming years, the company expects to become a leader in drilling technology. The current CEO of Gulf Coast Western thinks that the cost of drilling for oil will continue declining in the coming years.

Financial Position

Gulf Coast Western was in a precarious financial situation several years ago. Sales were declining, and the cost of oil was decreasing each month. Many oil companies went out of business during this time. However, the CEO of Gulf Coast Western decided to make drastic changes to the company. Several product lines were discontinued, and the company began paying down debt. Gulf Coast Western is now in a much better financial position than many competitors in the industry. The company has one of the best credit ratings of any oil drilling company.

Acquiring a Competitor

Gulf Coast Western is in the process of purchasing a competing company. With the robust financial position of Gulf Coast Western, it is an excellent time to acquire another business. Although the details have not been released, many industry experts expect the deal to close soon.