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Heather Parry’s Impressive Career

Heather Parry has built a successful career as a television and film producer. Currently Parry is the president at Live Nation, an American global entertainment company. A graduate of Colorado State University, Parry has played a role in making a number of great films and working with some of the top companies in the film industry.

Heather Parry

Heather Parry got her first big break in the early 1990’s when she began working for MTV. Parry served as the West Coast Bureau Chief for MTV News for more than a decade. While working at MTV Parry was responsible for producing some ground breaking films including “Get Rich or Die Trying” and Adam Sandler’s The Longest Yard for MTV Films. The success of “The Longest Yard” propelled him to working with Sandler at Happy Madison Productions.

Parry worked at Happy Madison Production for more than ten years. While working with Adam Sandler’s company Parry worked on a number of successful films which include ” The House Bunny,” “Just Go with It,” and ” That’s My Boy.” After ten years working with Sandler moved on to work with her own company Live Nation. Live Nation has produced a number of successful music related films which include ” Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story,” “Gaga: Five Foot Two” and Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends).

Heather Parry and Live Nation recently played a huge role in one of the 2018’s biggest films “A Star is Born.” Parry has been friends with the films star Bradley Cooper for years. When she heard he would be appearing in the film she reached out to him. She was convinced that Live Nation would be a great asset to the film. Live Nation owns over 100 music festivals that Parry was convinced could help the film. Many of the musical numbers seen in the film are a result of the work of Harry Parry and Live Nation.

How Matthew Fleeger Runs Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is the President of Gulf Coast Western, a company that was started in 1970 by his father. He attended Southern Methodist University to pursue a course in Finance and Marketing where he got the skills and knowledge that would, later on, help him conquer the oil and gas industry. After graduation, Matthew Fleeger worked in for different companies that gave him the vast experience needed to be successful in the industry. By the time he was taking over as the CEO of Gulf Western, Fleeger had garnered enough experience for a futuristic take-over.

In 1993, Matthew Fleeger founded his own company, MedSolutions. This was the first time that he was creating something of its own and it was a fruitful venture. The firm was in charge of disposal, treatment, and management of medical wastes. Matthew Fleeger put up structures that will enable MedSolutions to run smoothly. By 2007 the company had gained a foot and Fleeger sold it to Stericycle at a tune of $59 million.

Matthew Fleeger has robust negotiating skills that are essential especially when he has to convince property owners along the Gulf Coast region to enter into a contract as the company seeks to explore oil and gas in areas of geological advantage. Sometimes it is a tough call because some of the property owners may be misguided about the whole acquisition process. However, Matthew Fleeger has been able to strike successful deals where both parties are satisfied. His entrepreneurial skills are on another level and mostly focus on results-oriented models that are beneficial to Gulf Coast Western.

As the CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger has done an impressive job in keeping the family business on its toes. He is a performer whose success can only be attributed to hard work and dedication on his course of action.

PSI Pay Is Making International Transactions Easier

Many people may not understand exactly what purpose a digital wallet serves, but they can be just as useful as a traditional wallet if used properly. Digital wallets are more secure than typical wallets and also more convenient, especially with the use of tools like PSI Pay that help to link everything together. Unfortunately, while digital wallets are more advanced on a technological level, they can still have some of the same problems as physical wallets when it comes to international transactions.

In Europe, there are digital wallets that allow their users to carry cash as well as linking debit cards that allow them to withdraw money at almost any ATM. The providers of these wallets are the ones responsible for handling issues such as chargebacks as well as disputes. There are many different ways to deposit money into these types of wallets like transferring from a credit card and also taking it out of a traditional checking account.

One of the reasons why so many people are making the switch to digital wallets is the popularity of cryptocurrency. PSI Pay understands that this can be quite complicated and sometimes only useful in areas with several retailers that accept it. Unfortunately, there are many regions that don’t have this type of accessibility when it comes to retailers.

The fintech company PSI Pay is under the regulation of the UK Financial Conduct Authority. This allows their customers to be more assured about the regulation of their digital wallet which can make them more open to make the switch. In just 2015 alone, PSI Pay was able to increase their volume by almost 30% and this continues to grow with each passing year.

PSI Pay was given permission by the British government in 2011 to begin issuing electronic funds. They redesigned their ecoAccount and the related card back in 2013 which has led the company to see impressive growth by giving their customers the modern solutions for making payments that they were looking for. If you or your company make international purchases or uses cryptocurrencies, PSI Pay might be the solution that you are looking for.