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Securus Commended by Customers for Excellent Services

Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas, is one of the largest civil and criminal justice technology solutions providers. The company is constantly developing new products and services to help solve and prevent crimes in correctional facilities and in the community at large. Securus’ clients, who are mainly correctional facilities, are greatly impressed with the services they are receiving from Securus. Many of them have sent letters and emails to Securus, commending them on the good job they are doing at trying to solve and prevent crimes and making prisons safer. Watch this video on Youtube.


Facility Customer Greatly Impressed With Securus


One of its facility customers had a lot of good remarks about the services it is receiving from Securus. The unnamed client was able to find useful information from a recorded conversation which led to the arrest of one of their staff members who was discovered to have introduced contraband in the facility. Thanks to Securus Technologies’ innovative products and services, the client was also able to monitor calls which brought to light illegal activities that had been taking place in the facility.


Through investigative tools provided by Securus, the facility officials are able to conduct investigations into any issues that arise in the facility.The client also commended Securus on the introduction of their Location Based Services (LBS) software. The LBS software has helped the police recover millions in illegal drugs and money.Without the help of the LBS software, this would have been a very convoluted process.




Securus Technologies’ determination to make jails, prisons and other correctional facilities safer for both inmates and their families has enabled it to gain the public’s trust and it is now the leading jail phone service provider. It has set very high standards for other players in the industry.The company is committed to making the world a better and safer place for all.

Three Top Executives Are Added To The Fastest Growing Managed Health Care Provider In The Industry

InnovaCare Health prides themselves on a strong leadership team and have recently added three top executives to their Board of Directors. They are building a stronger network to ensure that their beneficiaries get the services that they need when they need it. There are over 56,000+ beneficiaries that have been serviced through their Provider Network or Medicare Advantage plan causing them to be the largest growing managed health care provider in North America. Biz magazine reports that Rick Shinto M.D., MBA, President & Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare is proud to add the new addition to their team to expand their leadership positions. Jonathan Meyers has been named actuary Chief Officer. Learn more on Biz Journals about Penelope Kokkinides.

They provide a host of beneficiaries with the added protection of having the physician services that you need to protect you when you need them. For example, the original Medicare plan does not cover hospice care, but InnovaCare is willing to provide their beneficiaries with any service that is listed under their policy according to Penelope Kokkinides.

Beneficiaries have the opportunity of having routine dental and visual services that aren’t available under the original Medicare plan. Often times, beneficiaries complain about the rising costs of their prescription costs and the services being limited at a time when they really need it.

InnovaCare puts their clients first and believes that building a strong team will help them improve their services. It takes extensive knowledge and expertise to build clinics programs and that is what they need for their leadership positions. They know that the medical industry is ever changing and complex and they strive hard to meet the demands of the industry. They value their customers input and listen to what they have to say about their needs and add the services accordingly. You will never have to feel like you’re on your own when it comes to your managed health care policy on Facebook.

You can learn more about their programs by visiting the office based in New Jersey. However, a lot of people have enjoyed the convenience of being able to browse their easy to read and navigate website for program and details on their Medicare Advantage Plan. For reliable services from a trust name you need the innovative services of InnovaCare.  Join the thousands of people across North America that rely on InnovaCare for the physician services.

Visit for more information about InnovaCare Health.

NBA Betting Gets a Lot of Attention on

NBA betting is a great way to make some money. If you count all the games that are played during regular season and the playoffs there are easily more than 100 games that people can bet on. There are some games that are considered blowouts, but there are many close games. I love the close games, and it feels so good to place a bet on these games and make a profit when I do so.

I like the NBA odds that I get when I place my bets on the website. There are a lot of games being placed in the NBA. Sometimes it is just too much to keep up with. I would much rather check out the website and see what the match-up will be. I can even check out the history of the match-up games and see how things went down when these teams met in the past.

It has been good to have a website like this because I never know who is injured when I start making my bets. This website even gives you that information. This is a real game changer. Sometimes people place bets because they like the star of the team. I can relate in some instances. I do not believe that this is always the determining factor for the outcome of the game though. There are supporting players that can change the way that things go so the Covers information about injured players is very important.

I think that this is one of the most informative websites on the Internet when it comes to betting. I would say that it improves your chances of winning by at least 30 percent if not more. The point spread is very popular, and this is always a good thing when you bet on a team like the Golden State Warriors or the San Antonio Spurs. Both of these teams are known for high scoring games so it makes sense to get in on the NBA point spread action.

I love to place bets, and sometimes I even get in on the office pool by way of the website.

A Client Of Labaton Sucharow Gets The Second Biggest SEC Whistleblower Award

Recently, Labaton Sucharow announced the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) award of over $ 17 million to a whistleblower. The law firm represented the whistleblower for exposing considerable wrongdoings in the financial services industry. The firm was the first in the nation to create a practice that was entirely committed to representing the SEC whistleblowers. In close to six years that the SEC Whistleblower program has existed, the consideration of $17 million is regarded as the second largest to be awarded to a whistleblower.

The program allows eligible whistleblowers to receive between 10 and 30 percent of the monetary sanctions collected from an enforcement action. Labaton Sucharow’s client offered valuable information that resulted in sanctions against prominent figures in the financial markets. In this case, similar with other cases, the whistleblower opted to remain anonymous to avoid blacklisting and retaliation from the employer. The SEC does not reveal the particular cases in which whistleblowers disclose fraudulent activities. This way, they avoid disclosing the whistleblower’s identity.

Jordan A. Thomas noted that his client blew the whistle at a time when other people in the industry were comfortable to remain silent and allow investors to be hurt. Thomas is a SEC whistleblower lawyer and the principal of the Whistleblower Representation Practice at Labaton Sucharow. Thomas points out that in subsequent years, majority of SEC’s biggest and significant cases will be based on the information availed by bold whistleblowers.

Thomas represented the first officer of a public firm to receive a whistleblower award. He also worked, on the first case where the SEC successfully charged an employer for revenging against a whistleblower. With the unique incentives and protection provided by the SEC Whistleblower program, eligible whistleblowers can report likely federal securities violations without revealing their identity. Moreover, Congress has created a restocking Investor Protection Fund in a bid to ensure that they raise enough funds that can be given out as awards. Presently, the Fund has a balance of more than $400 million. This information was originally published on PRNewswire as explained in this link

About the SEC Whistleblower Program
The SEC Whistleblower Program is an initiative that offers protection and financial incentives to individuals that report potential violation of the federal securities laws to the SEC. It was established after the Congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Act. Among its rules, the SEC is obliged to pay 10-30% of the monetary sanctions collected to eligible whistleblowers. An SEC Whistleblower Attorney can represent the Whistleblowers.